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        LR6 5 alkaline battery

        LR6 product details
        Battery weight 23.5g
        Total battery height 49.9-50.4mm
        Battery diameter 13.90-14.10mm
        Battery open circuit voltage Initial value ≥1.610V
        Twelve months later ≥1.580V
        Battery short-circuit current Initial value ≥10A
        Twelve months later ≥8A

        Battery discharge performance (initial period)

        Discharge load Discharge mode Termination voltage Discharge time Battery capacity Sample measured value
        3.9Ω 24h/d 0.8V ≥7h ≥1900mAH 7.2h
        3.9Ω 1h/d 0.8V ≥7.2h ≥1900mAH 7.4h
        10Ω 1h/d 0.9V ≥19h ≥2200mAH 19.8h
        24Ω 15s/m, 8h/d 1.0V ≥45h ≥2350mAH 46h
        43Ω 4h/d 0.9V ≥90h ≥2650mAH 91.5h
        250mA 1h/d 0.9V ≥7.5h ≥1900mAH 8.0h
        1000mA 10s/m, 1h/d 0.9V ≥350次 ≥900mAH 360次

        Note: The storage period of the battery shall be at least 12 months, and the discharge index of the battery during the storage period shall be 90% of the average discharge time in the initial period
        Battery leakage resistance: ① 60 ℃, RH90%, no leakage after 20 days of storage ② 70 ℃, no leakage after 25 days of high temperature storage
        Battery safety performance: ① Three charge and one test without explosion ② External short circuit test: no explosion
        Battery storage period: It can be stored for three years at room temperature

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