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        about us

        Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd.Is located shore of the scenery beautiful Tai Lake, abuts to Shanghai and Nanjing and the tin clear highway, the position is superior, the transportation convenience .We are the specialized production alkalinity battery and an alkalinity battery machine manufacture comprehensive enterprise, through many years endeavor, the company has a high quality production quality control troop, passed ISO9001: 2,000 international quality control system authentication, as well as SGS and European Union ROHS instruction examination.

        The company has the formidable battery machine manufacture professional contingent, for many years has accumulated the mechanical device manufacture experience, produces the automatic rolled paper machine, collection electricity body automatic , the automatic attire isolation circle machine and the entire strip alkalinity battery production line popularizes the domestic battery to produce the factory. Welcome the man of insight to come the company to inspect, the discussion.  

        The company produces LR6, LR03, 6LR61, LR1 and so on the non- clark cell electric power lasting stable, the storage time is long, does not seep and conforms to the environmental protection requirement and so on the remarkable characteristic. The product went out the entrance to a country, infiltrates the international market, obtains the from all walks of life user the faith.

        The existing registration brand "Yonghua", will welcome the guest room to come to order, the request processing, decides cooperation matters concerned and so on sign processing, we by the stable quality, the preferential benefit price and the flexible cooperation way, will win the customer to our faith.

        Company objective: "The product quality asks the prestige, the advance in technology to strive for the development, the strengthened management to ask the benefit, the high quality clothing to be sure need the market", we as always zealously will welcome the new old friend presence instruction, altogether will create happy tomorrow.

        20+ Years


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